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YOUmagery Groups

YOUmagery Groups Starting Soon!

Hello to you all, may you be enjoying this wonderful Fall season. This can often be a productive and creative time of beginning new projects personally or professionally. I would like to share with you the announcing of a brand new kind of imagery that I am offering outside of therapy for everyone! It is called YOUmagery - it changes the I in imagery to YOU!  It also shifts the focus from the limitations of typical visualization to something completely unique to what your particular needs are.

I have had many clients who have been soothed, cleared, motivated, and creatively inspired, as well as experiencing deeper levels of guidance and healing than they ever had before in previous methods of therapy or relaxation/meditation techniques. My wonderful clients, as well as my loved ones that I have just done this type of imagery with for fun, have strongly mentioned over and over that this needs to be carried further in the way of giving others more opportunities to do this with myself, and then take it with them to continue to practice and expand on.

Do I love putting this into play every day with clients? Of course.  Do I deeply want to take this out to more people like you and your friends, associates and loved ones that may or may not come in to see me for therapy? Absolutely!!!

I am soon going to be offering groups for free for the first time each person attends, and from there, for a hugely discounted price, from my individual sessions if one wants to continue to attend at other times!

Why am I offering this? To extend my skills and years of experience out to you if only for everyone's enjoyment and stress release, and beyond, as group themes develop, taking into consideration the groups' preferences and what they are excited about or feel called to do in this very specific form of imagery just for you...YOUmagery.

How does the group work?

Each time a group of people sign up, I will explain the differences between YOUmagery and other forms of guided imagery, visualization meditations, and psychotherapy.  Then I will lead the group in a beautiful, gentle yet potentially powerfully moving intro YOUmagery, followed by a fresh new one, and will give people who attend a chance to talk about their experience and ask questions. Finally, we will wrap up the event with more info on how to go deeper into what you may have liked or feel benefited you most.

I will be offering this event bi weekly in the San Francisco Bay Area, potentially on Monday and Wednesday evenings at around8:00, depending on responses I receive from individuals regarding this happy announcement and excited about getting started.

If you participate in these groups there is no obligation to attend regularly, as I mentioned it is not a therapy group, and you all can have the option of coming in to see me for your personal issues that you would like assistance with.

In either case you are always welcome to be a part of it, if you can sign up before the spots fill. My aim is to keep it small at first in group size, as they will be held in my offices. If lists grow, I would be delighted to make use of a larger space and reach out to larger groups!

Futuristically, I may offer Tele-Vision, which would be YOUmagery done over the phone and could be extremely far reaching.

For now however, I feel strongly that there is a huge effect when YOUmagery is done in person, as in the power of the group energy right there in the room.

Please call me at either number below if you are interested and I will move towards deciding when to begin the series.

Spread the word and many thanks...this will be delightful for me to bring to you. I am ready if you are!

A Warmly Golden Fall to you all,

Carol Jaron


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