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Weathering the Storm:
Do These Five Scenarios Include You?

At this time of year the air changes, natural light shortens, and sometimes the first big rains and winds come, reminding us of transition in our lives.

In any of the following examples, you may see yourself or others you know, and my intent here is for you to gain from reading these a sense of shift, uplift, or soothing energy.

  • You are in a relationship that has reached a crossroads for you.  You may have decided that you love the person, yet in many ways your staying in the relationship is holding you back.  This might be known by a feeling of mild blues, or simply that your existence seems colorless.  Or you thought you loved them and only now realize what "love", or a deeper sense of relationship means to you...and it is very different.  Or you are afraid to leave, hooked on staying and fearing staying at the same time.  This can happen in the case of certain kinds of abuse.  There might be a sense fear or shame in sharing this with others as well, during a time when you especially could use some support, so this can add to the anxiety.
  • You just now figured out what you want to do with your life and what you are doing is not it!  You might be concerned about leaving your current job or changing the path of going towards a certain degree in school, because it is too late, or everyone will judge you, or you will lose money and be overwhelmed with starting all over again.  On top of that, you want the great relief of telling someone, yet you are embarrassed or afraid it might rock the boat, so you hold it on your own carrying more stuck feelings.  Or you do speak out and it feels you are misunderstood or not listened to.
  • You are tired of letting excess alcohol, drugs, food, and meaningless sex rule your mind and take its toll on your body and life.   Yet you keep up the patterns that are so hard on your body and relationships because you still get pulled into untrue thoughts that you don't have to shift and don't really have a problem, or that the time is now but you can't trust yourself to go through with it.  Your mind lies to you and tells you that you cannot live without this, and you need just one more drink, or eat even fewer calories and carbs when you are starving, or to see the toxic person one more time.  Then when you do, the same cycle of wanting and only a temporary difference in your perception, then self-blame or punishment follows.  Round and round in circles you go, getting nowhere and still feeling empty or in dire need of escape.
  • You have lost someone very important to you either through death, ending a relationship, or unavoidable change.  You dream about the person as if they are still there and same as always, or miss them so much you can't eat or sleep, and concentration seems impossible to attain.  You cry a lot or may be numb or angry and confused as to where the heck this mish-mosh of emotions is coming from, and when will it let up.  You find yourself thinking about what you coulda-shoulda-woulda done differently, as if you could have prevented it.
  • You do too much and are getting to a point of feeling burnt out, even experiencing symptoms that doctors can't explain or really help you with.  You tried so hard to take care of yourself and you cannot understand how this happened and why it happened to you.  Others call you crazy or may be afraid to support you because they don't know how to help you either.  You need time to heal, but may not feel able to leave your job because of the huge cost of medical bills, even with insurance.

Well, let me tell you...

Now - right now - is the perfect place in your life to allow the storm to happen... let things be cleared by the heavy rains and powerful winds!  The "storm" signifies transition.  This is not about the situation you are in, it is about who you truly are as a person and that you deserve to have, love and move in your life.

When you take the focus off of people, places, things, your weight, money, the country, the world, what do you have really...You!  I want to invite you to believe in how calming, grounding, invigorating, and balancing it can be to take yourself into your heart's true desires of how you want to be in the world.  What do you want to emit to everything around you, how do you want to create the first change, which is recognizing that you are so much more than what you do or who you are with, so much greater than your appearance, or intellect.  This type of focus, is amazingly effective for keeping you in the present, instead of getting dragged into future tripping, or past event stuckness.

The mind is a tricky place, yet can be reconfigured, the body, full of wisdom, yet needing you to stop externally distracting and live inside of it.  Living in the body is another tool for weathering the storm, and further, connecting it back to mind again in a new way can act as a fresh and welcome form of guidance for you.  Getting quiet and listening to inner signals that are subtle without having to expand them or stay in it too long, (unless you have professional guidance ) can be enough to shift a view or habit as far as that being a even a tiny step towards resolution.  If you keep speeding forward and refuse to attend to the little whispers inside that are the truth of what nurtures and believes in you, there is an opportunity still waiting for you to experience!

Practicing changing your focus, getting in touch in some way with truth about your real self as a new illumination, letting the mind and body get reconnected, and paying attention to the body's true messages, can enhance self-acceptance and yet...go beyond!

Although the above situations then, may take some time and figuring to change, your ways of considering it can change in the moment.  Please reach out to someone, even a professional helper, with expression of what could support you in discovering your current life, if it is too confusing or unclear to manage it inside of yourself by yourself.   Yet do take the chance to try something different than looking only at the surface of the situation or closing your vision off; masking all the feelings and harsh effects.  You are now coming through the storm, feeling refreshed and filling your reservoirs again, closer to taking in that your life has and continues to have depth, contentment, and the kind of connection to all that surrounds you which makes you feel alive.

Until next time, treat yourself like Gold.

Carol Jaron, MS, MFT, CHT

p.s. Could Hypnotherapy Help?  It's possible.  I am excited to announce that the new certification I have received enables me to help you to a greater extent using highly specialized form of hypnotherapy called "Rapid Resolution Therapy©", created and taught by Dr. Jon Connelly.  Read More


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