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Carol Jaron, Marriage & Family Therapist
Carol Jaron

 Carol Jaron
Marriage & Family Therapist &
Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis
~ Professional ~ Integrative ~ Intuitive ~

Therapy for Adults / Adolescents / Families
Rapid Trauma Resolution
Anxiety, Self Image, Loss
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Food & Substance Abuse Issues
Personal & Professional Relationships


Methodology & Processes

How the Body and the Mind Work Together in the Healing Process of Psychotherapy   Contact Carol

Our thoughts are very important, yet they can keep us stuck if we only listen to what is going on in our heads without feeling the body's reaction or response.  When our stream of thoughts can be connected to body feelings the results can be powerful.  They can help an individual become unstuck in whatever area one is working towards, including success, fulfillment, understanding, self acceptance and resolution.

My goal is to guide and support people through the journey of therapy using a style that incorporates Body, Thought and Spirit, and adapts a specific variety of techniques to each person's individual needs.  I have noticed through years of practicing this form of work with others, that once the inner process is begun, your creativity and your intuition is active, and awareness increases towards a healthier sense of self, as well as increasing healthier connections with others.  This leads to enriching personal, intimate/romantic, or professional relationships.

Many challenges, like depression, anxiety, body image and food issues, can be more effectively tended to by listening to the body; along with discovering the internal resources one has available to continue healing and further desired personal goals.

This methodology is effective with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.  If you feel I can be of assistance to you or your family, please contact me.

Orientation: Psychodynamic, Family Systems
and Transpersonal

The focus of my practice is weaving body and mind with spirit into your work and relationships. I use traditional and alternative counseling and therapies towards assisting and understanding you.  My emphasis is on, but not limited to, communication, body image and eating issues, adult ADD, anxiety, recovery, and intuitive development. I gently encourage healing from present or past, by helping you blend the thinking and feeling self, often more effective than separating the two. I utilize deep relaxation, guided imagery, trauma resolution, plus many creative techniques. When our stream of thoughts are connected to body feelings the results can be powerful in discovering your inner resources towards success, fulfillment, self acceptance and resolution.

Supportive, active listening and psycho-education help you clarify your issues. Discovering inner wisdom and strengths via safe and soothing imagery and other relaxation techniques are used.  Finding tools towards success professionally and personally, in creative and practical ways, such as writing, art therapy, or dramatizing are included. I provide strong guidance in utilizing communication skills, body feelings and loving acceptance of the self.

I specialize in helping incorporate thoughts and beliefs with the body's reactions and response. This can release each individual feeling stuck in personal and/or professional relationships, as well as in harmful practices such as eating disordered or addictive behavior. Additionally, practical and creative intuitive skills are taught in an effective, refreshing way.

I work with pre-pubescent youth, adolescents, adults, couples, as well as families.  I've helped women stuck in repeated relationship patterns, adult survivors of abuse and trauma, parents and children of recent separation and divorce, and newly blended families.

All my training and skills are intertwined, creating individually tailored treasures towards nurturing, healing and integrating Mind, Body and Spirit.

Come on in, I welcome you.  Together, we can find your guiding star.


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            Offices in San Francisco & San Mateo
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The information on this web site is not intended to be comprehensive or a substitute for one on one care by a mental health professional, such as myself. If I can be of assistance to you or your family, I encourage you to contact me. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

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