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Teletherapy: Therapy or Counseling Plus the Powerful Option of Imagery Via Phone Sessions
Imagine That!

As an MFT therapist and professional counselor I often have had clients throughout the years that either travel a lot or have long business hours, and sometimes move out of town, yet want to continue our work together.

Then there are people who call from other states that want the opportunity to have a session without having to live nearby, because they either cannot find the right fit for themselves in a therapist, or desire very specific services that are available through my counseling or therapy.

Finally, there are those who want to speak in the privacy of their own home (or elsewhere) to someone who can assist that is a professional, as well as those who might be ill or unable to leave the home for other physical reasons.

Therapy or counseling over the phone has turned out to be a wonderful option that many have been very happy about, as it is so convenient and has felt most times as effective as having a session right there in the a matter of fact, it often seems very similar (still confidential) to therapy done in my office for both client and therapist!

The use of the voice by the therapist or counselor can be an excellent tool for many issues and goals that you might have.  All of this can come across in a phone call and have strong effects.

Here are some ways that therapy, counseling and other kinds of guidance can work well over the phone:

1. You as the client can hear the support in words and tone coming your way, and feel soothed, understood and inspired to put into practice creative solutions to problematic issues.  The sound of someone else's voice besides your own has been shown to get deeper into the parts of the mind that bring about change in both thinking and the emotional body.

2. Those that are visual can still picture the face of the therapist if they have seen them in person or in a picture and that visual memory can heighten healing and motivation, along with the sound of a familiar, trusted voice.

3.  Just as in a face to face counseling session, a person's panic or depression can feel shifted by having a dialogue with the therapist, in turn feeling reflected back in a meaning, reminders of patterns or suggested actions taken.  Even if a person wants practical support, and is not suffering from worries or blues, a phone call is a great way to bounce off of a professional counselor or therapist, questions or concerns about your bod your life or your relationships

4.  Deep relaxation and stress relief can happen with exercises used over the phone...just put your cell or receiver on speaker, rest it on a secure surface or put on a comfortable earpiece or headset and go!   You are set for the session.  Many a client has been able to go into a personal meditation as well during a phone call with myself as the vocal guide.

5.  One of the most powerful uses of the voice of a counselor or therapist for you, the client, seeking clarity and healing, is that of guided imagery.  Imagery has a unique and special place in the therapy realm, when done by someone with specific and professional training and experience.

What follows is a brief description of why and how I would use imagery towards your growth in your personal, spiritual, or professional life, whether the therapy is done in person and over the phone.

Firstly, I call it "Imagery" rather than "guided imagery" or "visualization" because it is very specific and tailored to your exact needs and strengths.  Some may not be visual or able to see images inside their minds clearly or easily, so with the way I work I will find what you are most going to benefit from, whether you are more visual or auditory in style or one who feels things more readily and comfortably in the body.

Secondly, I tailor it for you to a certain issue at hand, or one that has been stuck within you for years.

The way I do this is by carefully asking and listening to what you come to me with to be taken care of, and make sure I am in tune with creative abilities in the moment along with what you want to happen in the therapy or counseling, short or long term.

That is what makes individually created imagery different from cookie cutter approaches in the use of meditation or as a part of psychotherapy.

Thirdly, imagery taps deeply into the brain and nervous system, which can speed recovery from injury, clear and heal trauma, and bring energy or pain reduction, as well as physical recognition of strength or flexibility, in the body.

My fourth point reflected in the powers of imagery goes towards improved body image, whether that means the actual way you see your body, or the way you can experience physical changes within, and behaviors that are new, strengthened and healthier on the outside.  Many feel lighter, warmer or clearer in their head after a session of this particular type of imagery.

Fifthly and finally, it is about finding your own internal guidance, answers to questions you are puzzling over, making decisions and discoveries along with amplifying your intuition.  Imagery plugs right into your strongest inner resources...even ones unknown to you.   I would be delighted to lead you there.

My practice of this amazing technique has lasted for 26 years and been influenced by many people, places and events. What this means as far as helping you is that almost anyone can do this kind of imagery, as blocks or doubts around doing this may clear out of the way if you are supported by someone who has worked with many, many people with different difficulties or preferences who have found it beneficial.  PIus, both therapist and client can greatly enjoy the process, regardless of whether it is a part of counseling and therapy, or just for a boost in self care or creativity. 

I welcome your contact to discuss imagery or any of the counseling and therapeutic services I provide, both in my office and over the phone with you.

Until then, fill yourself with what gives you health, vibrancy and success!

Wishing you a golden Autumn time,



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