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Carol Jaron, Marriage & Family Therapist
Carol Jaron

 Carol Jaron
Marriage & Family Therapist &
Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis
~ Professional ~ Integrative ~ Intuitive ~

Therapy for Adults / Adolescents / Families
Rapid Trauma Resolution
Anxiety, Self Image, Loss
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Food & Substance Abuse Issues
Personal & Professional Relationships


The Teen Depot:
Carol's Gems of Wisdom for Teens

The Teen Depot is a portion of my website content devoted to teens and how different issues might come up for you at this time in your life.  Feel free to share this with those who might be interested or if you think someone could benefit from what you will understand better after reading.  Check it out and enjoy!

When Love Feels Like Depression:
The Red Hots With The Blues

Are you in a relationship where you are falling for someone and yet feeling so vulnerable that you could go from overjoyed to hurt or disappointed as soon as things stop going the way you want?

Who Your Real Friends Are
Do you sometimes wonder if you can trust others that you have either just started hanging out with or have been friends with a long time?  If you feel wary or worried, it is so helpful to know if it is coming from inside of you or if it is real.

Five Stressors that Feel Different for Teens:  Do Any Sound Like You?
Sometimes adults do not remember exactly how it felt to experience certain things that you may now be worrying about or reacting to. When people between 12 and 18 come visit my office, the first thing I might want them to let me know about is what is going on in the individual's life, because what you are going through can be either more confusing or be experienced at a higher intensity than others older can understand or remember.


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The information on this web site is not intended to be comprehensive or a substitute for one on one care by a mental health professional, such as myself. If I can be of assistance to you or your family, I encourage you to contact me. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

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