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Hypnotherapy and The Holidays

Does that sound kind of odd or amusing to you?   It is meant to, as this is one example of how different uses of the mind can shift your attention, mood or even obsessive thoughts!

This is often the time of year where many of you are seeing people and going places that might bring up some challenges in certain areas of your body/mind makeup.  I will first address a few situations where these things can happen, and then I will revisit how hypnosis-therapy could very well be your ticket to relief from what you might experience as difficult.

Old memories may come up simply from just being around family .  This can happen because your inner workings have stored specific configurations of your relatives with a feeling attached to it.  The rest of the year, you are living your life and so are those related to you, and you may or may not get together with them individually or in small groups throughout the other months and either enjoy it or feel neutral.  Yet when holidays roll around, the exact people that are at events in similar ways each year often pulls you back to some kind of memory or something you are sensing that beings mild to high discomfort.   It is not unusual to have quite a time of it putting your finger on what this sensation is!

Romantic relationships may also bring up emotional reactions felt in the body, as well as experienced in your thinking at this time of year, as of course, they are connected.  Many find they struggle with looking at what appear to be happy couples, or hearing about their holiday plans via update emails or social networking sites.  If one has insecurity within his or her relationship, he or she might compare and create stories that are very possibly untrue or inaccurate. The inaccuracies are usually about other couples being happier, further along in their success (whatever one considers makes a successful couple), or that everyone around you seems to be in a relationship and you are not - but are really desiring that. 

Further, separation from a loved one during this time when one sees togetherness everywhere might amplify the feelings of missing them deeply.

During the celebrations and pressures to buy the best gifts ever, travel to events that seem superficial, or if one no longer believes in the holiday rituals or has nowhere to go and is isolated, spiritual depletion can occur.  Spiritual depletion is a deep sense of feeling jaded and fed up with all that used to connect you to your spiritual self. It may be confused with a type of depression but it is more like a segway to sadness and irritability, leading to one choosing to avoid others by overworking, staying at home too much stuck in TV and computer worlds, or turning to overeating, drinking, destructive relationships and other potentially addictive behaviors.

Finally I present the example of grief.  If someone experienced death of a family member or loved one that either happened during the holiday season or the holiday calls up reminders of treasured time spent together, one may experience different levels of sadness or other feelings associated to recent or ongoing grieving.  After all it is a time reminiscent of special connections with those who are or have been significant to you.  It may also bring up emotionally unresolved situations from when a certain person was present in your life and loose ends were left untied, still creating discomfort in the here and now.

Getting back to how hypnotherapy is involved in creating a shift in all these scenarios, let's start with the thoughts that plague you, keep you up at night, or distract you from your daily activities. Hypnosis is a process that simply gets one's mind into a more receptive place so one can take in healing or useful suggestions.  Exactly what occurs is unique to each individual yet if there is a match and connection between you and the hypnotherapist in the room during a session, your mind will give you exactly what moves you towards clarity again. Therefore the haunting and needless kinds of thinking can be greatly lessened, as if the volume is turned down on them or deleted. 

The feelings may be connected to the thoughts that continue to press on each other's levers, and the feelings themselves can be focused on in a hypnotic fashion so they lead to clearing of the mental anguish.

Most importantly, worry, sadness, anger, fear and nervousness all reside somewhere in the body at their core.  Being in a hypnotic state while exploring these emotions that actually may be found inside the physical senses, can connect you to resources inside of your psyche that mean you are ready to receive ideas towards relieving distress, exhaustion, or even excessive behaviors, hence turning wanting to give up, or control, into wanting to be here now and enjoy aliveness and experiencing the self you really are!

All that you might experience from navigating your way through the holiday season, or any occasion that presses a hot button, creates these feelings that call on you (the hot button is like a doorbell), to attend to the discomfort and get to the other side, even if in subtle ways...if utilizing the mind or the body's wisdom with a professional hypnotherapist.

What is the difference between how hypnotherapy can assist you and how therapy itself helps? 

Hypnotherapy techniques can create a change that happens sooner, so some opening and clearing is experienced and enables one to merge into a deep process of the longer term therapy, restoring hope and confidence that you can feel better. Psychotherapy and counseling focus more extensively on longer term issues that may take longer yet are highly beneficial in approaching, understanding, and moving towards you having some inner resolution and peace.

In sum, being in a guided, mild to moderate trance state can produce great changes, or subtle shifts that lead to huge changes in lives!

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