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How to Stop Being Afraid of Sadness

For those of you that have an ongoing kind of sad feeling and yet think this is something that needs to be ignored, guess what?  Paying attention to it can be of so much value and can even bring a touch of relief, whereas if you ignore it, it can become more intense or show up in other ways.  Not to worry!  There are very specific reasons why your emotional states keep pulling at you even if you generally seem to be doing pretty well in your life. 

It may be, for instance, that there is some deeply unresolved grief from long ago or recently that you have tried to jump past too quickly.  When we rush past important feelings about difficult events or times the events remind us of, that sadness can turn to irritability, tiredness, anxiety or even anger and hopelessness.  Giving some attention to what might be bothering you without letting it take over your thoughts can lighten the heaviness and soothe the agitation you might be experiencing.  It is important to allow the sadness to surface in a safe place and at a quiet and private time for you...after all it is your emotion and distractions will only keep you from that quiet focus that you may need to put into play for recognizing more about yourself and the qualities of the sadness.  How deep is it and how does it feel inside of you?  What are some images that remind you of it?  If you could visit the blues what would they look like?

Some may find it tough to do this at first alone without guidance, so one way to resolve the issue is to get help from someone you feel faith in and maybe a connection with.  Once you learn how to get in touch with this part of yourself it is like gold, because you receive subtle yet deep answers that are rich in emotional nutrients. 

Let yourself explore what techniques, helping professionals, or support systems, even books that appeal to your heart, work best for you.  Soon your sadness will thank you, and possibly become less and less overwhelming or insidious.  Imagine that you can be finally free of a fear of sadness!

Best to you all from the heart,
Carol Jaron, MFT

Some other questions to ask yourself that I will write on soon:

1) What are you using to keep you from dealing with your sadness in the first place?
2) What are you afraid will happen if you address your sad feeling?
3) What other difficult feelings are you glossing over?


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