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 Carol Jaron
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From Tough Times to Personal Success

Many of you may have recently felt setbacks in your work whether it has been that you are laid off or have taken a cut in pay. If you have your own business, you may find that some of your favorite clients or business partner can no longer afford to work with you due to lack of funds.

Even for those who are doing okay managing the financial area of their lives, a kind of mild depressive mood can hit, or anxiety can creep forth in the form of worry about staying afloat in tough times. This emotional and even spiritual slump can range from mildly agitating to seemingly insurmountable!!! After all, it can be difficult to be in the current atmosphere of the negative and fearful messages about the economy, but more so, if you are affected by others feelings of failure, sadness or loss of hope. It can leave us in a space of aloneness.

Or you may be a caring and sensitive person who means to help, yet you often end up feeling depleted from taking on others pain at your own expense!

So how can you turn this around for yourself (which, by the way, can create a larger reservoir of strength to be there for others in your life)?

Begin working with meditative awareness, and the principles of manifesting what you really want. Use your down time to be productive in a whole new way. By creating a discipline out of setting aside a small amount of time each day, or even a few times a week for you busy ones, and writing, using imagery and drawings of where you want to see yourself, creative movement or a support network of friends to bounce ideas off of, online or in person. This can be highly effective in taking the small but oh so significant steps towards your inner vision coming alive.

Getting some counseling is also helpful for assisting you in what gets in your way of the answers you have inside already when you do this work. We all have many internal sources of creative problem solving, as well as access to intuitive guidance. Your own body has an intelligence all its own, and it can be healing and exciting at the same time to journey in. The therapy can help you find your unique answers in your body and mind or may guide you in using powerful versions of the above techniques to move past where you are stuck on your road to achievement. Mainly we want a place to channel lousy feelings instead of ignoring them, so you might just plain feel better.

So there you have it. Taking care of yourself, using extra time wisely, and oh yes, having fun with it all, can move you in a fresh direction! I send you thoughts of clarity and quiet for deciding how to move forward from here, and I would be happy to help if you wish to make an appointment.

With Hopes for a Happier Day,

Carol Jaron, MFT


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