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Blocked from Fulfillment: How Can I Do What I Really Want With My Life?

From college graduates to those in professional or personal transition, many talented and eager individuals feel lost or confused with what direction to go in as far as what they do. "Do" can mean a job or career, even creative project, but the one thing these all have in common in order to manifest is getting in touch with the fire inside of you that you may be cut off from or stuck in finding in the first place.

Here are some ways that blockage could happen, and how to begin to get to the other side of it and express yourself in the world or just in your world:

    1. You feel you have been held back by parents in your younger days or partners and others in your current life that had no intention of standing in your way, but have been overprotective or afraid to let you go forward.

    2. You are bursting with ideas and creativity, yet it is so overwhelming to you that you can't get organized to even know where to begin.

    3. You get going with a new project or try to activate finding the right career or environment to work in, and it seems like something always trips you up and then makes you want to give up.

    4. You are good at a lot of things, yet keep jumping around to different possible types of professional work or creative endeavors, like a leap-frog from one lily-pad to another, and just can't seem to stick with one solid choice and really enjoy or feel success from it.

    5. You are experiencing a low self- image, anxiety, ADD, food and substance abuse or depression, any of which you might not be aware of that are stopping you up and weighing you down.

There are many possibilities as to what could be going on to block you on an inner level.

The first is that you have beliefs about yourself or the world around you that you are not even aware of, so they are subconscious barriers to getting unstuck. It would be helpful to get into a quieted state without interruptions and get in touch with any little inklings or emotions surfacing in that moment about succeeding in your ventures...they are there to guide you so listen to them! Allow them to take you somewhere that will actually give you the beginning of what the answers might be. This can show up in your quiet time in various forms so feel free to draw or write them down, or even record them, then let go of the messages or the seeming lack of clear directives from within and be open to something coming to you as your own personal issue to work on start to clear out.

Secondly, if you have had most of your contact with controlling people, choose to be around those who are supportive and that you can trust, as this strengthens your commitment to yourself by consistently reminding you that you are cared for and worthwhile. Love and appreciation for you is the best fuel to get you going and you can learn ways to take it in. This is something to put into play even if you are not ready to reveal to others your mission that you are looking to establish.  As much as possible, stay away from people in your life that are judgmental or want to manipulate you, even bring in fresh new contacts that you feel pulled towards.

Thirdly, if you tend to be all over the place and have trouble pulling in and concentrating, it may be time to get focused. Pick one thing to start with and really develop it before you present it to the outer world.It is of great benefit to get some help with this if you have a particular problem with giving in to distractions.

Fourth and final yet most important here - get in touch with your spark or passion for what you want to bring to the Universal or just local table. Too many are taught to water down or to keep from shining, and to stay away from anything that might take you outside of the box for expanding your life desires.  When you hit this fire, feel it, do it in small ways, speak it, write it, sing or play it....create it!

If you would like a professional to truly listen and assist you with moving past your limitations do call or email me and we can chat about how my working with you can un-stick your stuck-ness!  I offer a free consultation, so we can go for getting the most out of the connection if we move towards what you truly desire in your life.


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