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Carol Jaron, Marriage & Family Therapist
Carol Jaron

 Carol Jaron
Marriage & Family Therapist &
Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis
~ Professional ~ Integrative ~ Intuitive ~

Therapy for Adults / Adolescents / Families
Rapid Trauma Resolution
Anxiety, Self Image, Loss
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder
Food & Substance Abuse Issues
Personal & Professional Relationships


Therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit... Healing IS possible.

Store Available with MP3s
I have now recorded imageries with many wonderful themes for you to benefit from. Based on strong requests from people over the years to use my voice for taking them into deeper states of being and finding rich internal resources, I wanted some available to all on this site along with those who have been asking for them. My heart and knowing goes into each one with the aim of your inward awakening, unblocking or soothing through vocal resonance practiced for over 25 years! You can download a free guided imagery MP3 file.  It is the featured product in the store entitled: Journey on the Solstice.
Click here to take a peek!

Energy Medicine Work
Offered for 6 -10 sessions as a complete package, this powerful and potentially life shifting yet enjoyable journey, includes exploring your energy type via Carol Tuttle's invention of Energy Typing and getting your true type to be of more access to you. What is it exactly?  Read More

Carol's Little Gems of Wisdom
Blocked from Fulfillment:  How Can I Do What I Really Want With My Life?
From  college graduates to those in professional or personal transition, many talented and eager individuals feel lost or confused with what direction to go in as far as what they do.  Read More

Teen Depot
When Love Feels Like Depression:  
The Red Hots With The Blues

Are you in a relationship where you are falling for someone and yet feeling so vulnerable that you could go from overjoyed to hurt or disappointed as soon as things stop going the way you want?  Read More

YOUmagery Groups Starting Soon!
Hello to you all, may you be enjoying this wonderful Fall season. This can often be a productive and creative time of beginning new projects personally or professionally. I would like to share with you the announcing of a brand new kind of imagery that I am offering outside of therapy for everyone! It is called YOUmagery - it changes the I in imagery to YOU! It also shifts the focus from the limitations of typical visualization to something completely unique to what your particular needs are.
Read More


In our day to day lives we often move along without much awareness of what is happening inside of us. At some point we might get stuck, lose our way, or begin to feel tired or anxious for an apparent reason.

Then it hits us and hard…

Blocks in our creativity or relationships, fears of what the future may or may not bring. Many may feel a deep sense of frustration or lack of passion in many areas of our existence. We may be convinced that no one could possibly understand, or that others would judge us if we tried to tell them about our struggles or fears of never realizing our purpose or fulfilling our highest potential.

Hence isolation, anger at ourselves or others, or ongoing anxiety emerge, clouding our mind and or creating physical How the Body and the Mind Work Together in the Healing Process of Psychotherapydiscomforts, confusion, even inner chaos or numbness .

How do you find your way?

These are times when I can assist you towards awareness, understanding, and acceptance of your self - and help you find your Guiding Star.

Artistic Inspirations & Healing:  May it Be

Could Hypnotherapy Help?  Rapid Resolution Therapy© zeros in on specific forms of anxiety, depression, trauma, complicated grief, and a host of other personal issues that might feel unresolvable.  It can be extremely effective on its own, and blended into my continuously growing practice of counseling and psychotherapy as well for you to get what you most want out of it.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.


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The information on this web site is not intended to be comprehensive or a substitute for one on one care by a mental health professional, such as myself. If I can be of assistance to you or your family, I encourage you to contact me. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a life threatening emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency number immediately.

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